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Ibn Ghalboun Mosque

Ibn Ghalboun Mosque is located in the village of Al-Malaytah in Qasr Ahmed area, northeast of the city of Misrata. Its construction history dates back more than 500 years ago. It was established in 1771 AD and it is considered one of the oldest mosques in Misrata. Muhammad bin Khalil bin Ahmed bin Abd al-Rahman... Continue Reading →

Libya Uncharted: My Charting Journey

On December 2018, I was informed by two of my Libyan journalist friends about this photography competition about Libya that was organised by a "German company" (Candid foundation and Zenith Magazine). Although I was intimidated by the requirements that included photos from Libya but the title of the competition took all my attention and raised my... Continue Reading →

30 Days In Ceylon

Within the frame of the bachelor's degree of medical school, medical students are often asked to complete a posting of any department by their choice in a different hospital from that they originally study in. One of the reasons for this seemingly stretched idea or travel excuse is to have the future doctors being exposed... Continue Reading →

From Under Its Palm Trees

  From Under Its Palm Trees Misrata, Libya Thubactis, Kevalay, the city of the sand dunes or that of the two beaches as it faces the Mediterranean Sea with around 120-degree blunt angle of land. The north African city has a full past of different civilisations have lived on, hence the different names. Misrata is... Continue Reading →

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