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30 Days In Ceylon

Within the frame of the bachelor’s degree of medical school, medical students are often asked to complete a posting of any department by their choice in a different hospital from that they originally study in. One of the reasons for this seemingly stretched idea or travel excuse is to have the future doctors being exposed to different health systems, variety of patients, environments…etc. Therefore, overseas options are rather preferred.

Sri Lanka was the chosen land and the Teaching Hospital of Kandy was the cafeteria for my hungry brain to feed on for four weeks of September 2019. However, the weekends in between were visually full feasts for my eyes and camera. Where I had the chance to discover the acclaimed tea country and capture some beauty from different cities and places of this photography treasure of an island.




Nuwara Eliya


Sigiriya (The Lion Rock)


Ella (The Nine Arches Bridge)


Yala National Park


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